Scott Collier

Listen to Scott Collier’s ‘Welcome to Welcome’ Here:

Welcome To WelcomeMusic has always been a big part of my life, starting for me by entering contests around my hometown of Londonderry, Ohio. By the age of seven I had landed my first gig earning five dollars a song at Saddie’s and Shorty’s Country Music Hall where I played there for six years almost every weekend! By the age of sixteen I had started my first band, we played Christian rock. Since there weren’t that many venues that teenagers could play in, this allowed me to play in churches all over the Ohio area. I played both lead and rhythm guitar and sang the lead vocals in that band. .. .. After three years of playing the churches with the Christian rock band we started playing regular rock music playing fairs, festivals, and nightclubs in Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and all across Indiana. At the age of twenty-one is when George Strait and Keith Whitley touched my soul and I knew this was the right music for me. Our little country band touched people all over the eastern part of the United States, which earned me the Ohio Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year Award. Our band stayed together for six years opening up shows for several country music stars. After the band broke up, I stopped playing for a year to raise my little daughter, Maison. Then, one year later I moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and let me tell you it was a tough move. .. .. I moved into an apartment with four guys who later became my best friends and band mates. During this time I would walk the streets of Nashville day after day, night after night looking for anything I could to launch my music career. Finally I hooked up with some musicians who were playing at Tootsies Orchid Lounge where they helped me get a gig. I have been playing there now for five and a half years. In that time I have played with every country music star known to man, and have written songs with some of the top writers in Nashville. .. .. That little stage at Tootsies has led to booking shows all over the country, from Alabama to Las Vegas, to Washington D.C. and Canada. I am currently playing two hundred and forty shows a year. I have big fan base from playing at Tootsies. I have fans all over the world. I truly love what I do and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world