Listen to BoomTemple’s ‘We Let Them Get Away’ Here:


BoomTemple lead singer Tony Lindsey and guitarist-writer-producer Kyle Frederick began playing music together in the 1970s. They were teenagers when their band TyBarc entered the indie-FM charts with the rock power-balled Whisper. Lindsey, Frederick and former Jason and the Scorcher’s drummer Fenner Castner formed BoomTemple in 2008.

They began writing what Frederick calls “picnic on a volcano” rock songs about the politics of religion and the religion of politics before heading into the recording studio with bass player Byron House. A longtime friend, House co-produced Frederick’s 1990s solo debut album, In This House, and is currently touring and recording with Robert Plant.

The music video for BoomTemple’s debut single, Chop, features Lindsey, Frederick and Castner, joined by Lindsey’s oldest son and Mona bass player, Zack Lindsey, and middle son and rhythm guitar player, Alex Lindsey. According to Frederick, the guitar-heavy Chop addresses the question, “What is in the hearts and minds of those who administer justice?”

The band’s debut CD, Vaccine, available now online in digital format, is a collection of nine originals recorded by Marc Owens at High Street Studio and mixed by veteran engineer/producer, Rob Feaster. Like House, Feaster had worked on Frederick’s solo album. His impressive credits include George Harrison, Bruce Springsteen, Genesis, Billy Joel, Crowded House and many others.